Dye Guide

I am so happy to share this dye guide with you! If you’ve been curious how to create botanical illustrations on fabric using natural colours, this guide is a wonderful introduction.

In the dye guide there are step-by-step instructions of the process of painting flowers on fabric and how to dye them with natural colours. The botanical illustrations I used for this dye guide can also be downloaded and used as a template. The dye guide and flower templates are all pdf.

For a glimpse into my life and how the natural world inspires me I made a little vlog for you entitled a day in the life. It also shows you parts of the process of how to paint flowers with natural colours and how I like to spend my time when I am not working in my studio.

NOTE: After purchasing the dye guide you receive two emails. The first one is with your order details and the second one is with a link to set up your account. Once you submitted your account details there will be a last email sent to you with your username and password to access the dye guide page on my website. In some cases these emails end up in your spam box. So be sure to check your spam box in case you haven’t received any emails from me. Otherwise, please get in touch  with me directly via Instagram or email (hello@woolandnature.com).


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