product care

The hand painted and naturally dyed pieces are done by hand and you may find irregularities that are an intrinsic characteristic of the hand crafted form.

Colour bleeding is normal in naturally dyed products in the intitial washes. This bleeding stabilises after washing and results in a graceful fade until the colours stabilise.

Natural colours mature with time and shift in colour. Keep them out of direct sunlight.

Careful cool handwash with a mild pH neutral detergent. Do not use a hard brush or any sort of scrubbing. 

Note about indigo
It is common for indigo to transfer colour. This is a natural part of the indigo dyeing process. Althought the goods have been washed, it takes pressured contact to release the extra indigo dye and will fix itself with time. 

If you find blue on your hands or clothing, it can be removed with hot water and soap.

Wash indigo goods in cool water. Keep them out of direct sunlight.

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