Morning Notes

Things have been good around here, the longer days give us more energy, and we really enjoy the outdoors. It is getting warmer, and in the morning light I picked rose petals for some tea.

Our garden is full of cream, pink and peach colours, and while I walk along the roses picking flower petals, I acknowledge what these roses give to us. They are calming and nurturing, symbol of an open heart and joy with it´s hidden thorns to set boundaries. I put on the kettle to pour over the rose petals and drink it with intention for all the things we have to be grateful for.

One of the things I am so grateful for is all of you to support my work here. I feel so lucky to be able to share this journey with you. In that spirit, it is my pleasure to offer 20% off orders in the shop until Sunday 2 June 2019.

Wishing you beautiful days ahead. Go out into the garden, close your eyes, deeply inhale and smell the lace coloured roses.

x Claire