Medicinal Plants Quilt

The winter months have come and gone. I can’t believe that we are welcoming spring equinox soon. It is a beautiful day here in the South of France. Still cold but the sun shines all day and to be given these extra hours in the day is so welcome after a long winter. I have been taken advantage of the longer days and had many beautiful walks. 

I wanted to share a little bit with you about the medicinal plants quilt I made this winter. The idea of this quilt design was born when the world around our little hamlet was still very cold with moody skies. I was inspired by a little medicinal plants book that I once found in a second hand book shop.  I selected medicinal plants that were either familiar to my surroundings or that I felt intuitively connected to. And so I started this journey with drawing up these medicinal plants, dreaming about the colours that would compliment the illustrations. I felt that I wanted to use different shades of earth tones in one plant, and I couldn’t be more happy how these botanical illustrations came out of the dye pot.

Wishing you a lovely spring.

x Claire