Indigo Dreams

I love September! The change of light cast over the mountains, thunderstorms and rain. The burnt colours of the forests around us. With cooler nights and mornings, the sun is still warm during the day.  This morning, I took a walk with our dog Orangina to the top of the mountain to watch the sun come up. 

I wanted to share with you the work of my hands and heart from the past couple of weeks of my life.  I felt so inspired by the wonderous indigo and making this quilt. This indigo quilt was on my mind all the time, even in my dreams. Excited to get up early in the morning to work on this amazing project.

Indigo is one of my favourite dyes to work with and at the same time the dye process frightens me a bit. Very earthy with a touch of magic. I had to let it just go and fully enjoy watching the magic before my eyes. And those beautiful deep hues that come out of the vat. Look at those shades of blue! 

I pieced every part of this quilt together, each part tells it’s own story. I started with some small ideas, firstly painting the mixed media birds. And from there I let the illustrations for the other parts come intuitively to me. My inspiration comes from my life, from exploring my home here in the mountains, walking our dog in the ancient forests. A bird on a tree branch. Some wild flowers. Our summer garden. The night sky.  I love where we live, and how nature that surrounds our home continues to inspire me. I want to express that in my work. 

x Claire