Creative Moments

I have been dyeing a lot these last few weeks. With madder and cochineal I dyed up small skeins of rustic wool from the area I live in. The gentle approach of natural dyeing and how the colours develop under my hands is so inspiring. I missed working with my hands, to feel the material and to work from there and see how the process develops. With all these different colours in my hands and in my head I chose three colours to explore a bit more. The colours I chose are closest to my heart and I feel so happy to share them with you. They will eventually be available in my little shop through pre-order.

When I am dyeing wool I try not to control the process too much, I make a lot of mess and try to simply go with the flow of what the colours give me. Although I often work chaotic, those moments of chaos often give the greatest creative moments. I do not do this because I think it is going to be beautiful or has to be good, but because it is for me a way to focus on my senses and listen to my heart so that I can belong even more to this wonderful place.

Enjoy your new week. Be well.

x Claire